Owning a home is one of the largest and most valuable investment in someone’s life.  So, it’s critical that you’re covered for your home, your personal property and liability under a single, package policy which prevents gaps or overlapping coverages from having several single line policies.

Homeowners insurance policy is designed to provide protection against several possible perils. But Homeowners insurance is a packaged policy that covers damage to your property and liability for any injuries caused to you and your family members and guests due to a peril and around your home.

Several people are insured under a Homeowners policy:

Named insured including a resident spouse Resident relatives
Anyone under age 21 and in the care of insured (foster child, exchange student)
Full time student under age 24, relative and prior resident
Representative of the named insured in case of death

There are different kinds of Homeowners policies:

  1. Owner Occupant (Broad Form, Special Form or Comprehensive Form)
  2. Tenants or Renters (Dwelling not included)
  3. Condominium Owners (Dwelling not included. Inside walls and floors included)

Four Separate Property Coverages

  1. Dwelling
  2. Other Structures
  3. Personal property
  4. Loss of use

Please give us a call today and let our experienced business insurance professionals shop around with multiple top-rated companies to find you the best overall value for a Homeowners Insurance Policy that meets your needs.  We’re here to help you.